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Welcome to our website. We call our platform, Euromail com
This is short for European adults mailing to communicate

The idea is that learners of foreign languages use the computer to communicate with other language learners. This happens through a series of structured letter exchanges, which are mailed via an e-mail programme attached to the website.

The languages that are involved are English, German, French and Spanish, but the ideas can easily be used with other languages. The important thing is that you have a matching group.

This programme was originally set up by adult schools in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Denmark in the autumn of 2001 and was originally supported by the EU through the Grundtvig 2 action.

The schools themselves now finance the project, but it is possible for other schools to use this platform. If you want further information, you may have a look at the handbook or you may contact the webmaster or me.

Yours sincerely,
Eva K. Steensen